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Lantern Financial, LLC

Lantern Financial, LLC is a comprehensive, fee-only financial planning firm. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families in their prime saving years to reach their goals and dreams and to achieve success in their financial lives. We help our clients in such areas as investment, insurance, tax, retirement, and estate planning, budget creation, educational loans repayment, savings, debt and cash flow management. Additionally, we specialize in helping couples communicate effectively about money through our one-of-a-kind financial counseling services.

Lisa J.B. Peterson, CFP

President and Founder

Lisa believes that with the right guidance, inspiration and commitment, success is within your reach. Her work with young professionals and couples is award-winning and has been featured by media around the world. She has been invited to speak at conferences, nationwide. She would be honored to help you Shine Brighter in your financial life.

To learn more about Lisa and her passion for helping people achieve their dreams, click here.

Contact us to discuss how Lisa and Lantern Financial can help you reach financial success.

Lantern Financial Internship Program

Lantern Financial has sponsored many successful internships for college students. Alumni of our internship program are working and studying at a variety of institutions around the country and the world.

Meet our Internship program alumni, and learn more about Lantern Financial's Internship Program.


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