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We are happy to help your group, organization or conference to Shine Brighter! Contact us today to discuss hiring Lantern Financial Founder and President, Lisa J.B. Peterson, CFP to deliver a dynamic and inspiring keynote or breakout session talk at your next event.

Your Financial Life: Tips for Success -- Values based living

Appropriate audiences: Any group of people (companies, organizations, conferences, etc) interested in learning to live financial lives that honor their individual core values.

You can have your dream life, if you surround yourself with that which you love, and nothing else. Do you want to feel hopeful and excited about your financial life? Instead, are you always reminding yourself that you don't have enough money to be successful? We all have limited resources, but that should not hold you back from true satisfaction. This course will help you to make decisions in your financial life that honor your core personal values. You will be set up for success with your money and you will also learn how to ensure that every financial decision you make from this day forward will be very meaningful, very intentional and will speak to who you are as a person.

The Real World: 101 - Financial Success for Recent College Graduates

Appropriate audiences: College graduates, College Seniors. This workshop can be adapted for your college club or academic group or can be expanded to serve your university's entire graduating class. A ticket to this workshop makes a great college graduation gift.

Negotiation - Salary, Benefits, Products & Services

Appropriate audiences: Anyone who could use a confidence boost as well as the specific skills necessary to negotiate well; This workshop can also be customized and presented to your organization; A ticket to this workshop makes a particularly great college graduation gift.

Fighting Fair Financially

Appropriate audiences: Married or engaged couples, as well as couples or individuals who are exploring the idea of marriage; Marriage or couples conferences

What do you argue about most with your partner? The odds are high that it is MONEY. There's not enough of it... what should you do with it once you have some... when do you spend it, when do you save it... how do you share it and how do you preserve your independence... Money is so heated and emotional; it is no surprise that it causes lots of arguments in marriage. You have no doubt heard that 50% of marriages, sadly, end in divorce. You may not have heard that the highest cited reason for marital struggle is financial conflict. This course will help the two of you take off the boxing gloves in order to better navigate your financial spats so that you win each one together, as a team.

Please call us at 617-482-2700 or click here to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the ways in which we can help your group, organization or conference to Shine Brighter!


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