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NEW! Upcoming Workshops


Intro to Budgeting

Appropriate Audiences Include: Individuals and Couples, Roommates, Families; Those who would love to take better control of their day-to-day spending; Those who cringe when they hear the word "budget"!

Future Lantern Financial Workshops:

Negotiation - Salary, Benefits, Products & Services

Appropriate audiences: Anyone who could use a confidence boost as well as the specific skills necessary to negotiate well; This workshop can also be customized and presented to your organization; A ticket to this workshop makes a particularly great college graduation gift.

The Real World: 101 - Financial Success for Recent College Graduates

Appropriate audiences: College graduates, College Seniors. This workshop can be adapted for your college club or academic group or can be expanded to serve your university's entire graduating class. A ticket to this workshop makes a great college graduation gift.

Surviving the Ramen Years - Financial Triumph During College

Appropriate Audiences Include: High School Seniors, College Freshmen & Sophomores

Nourish Your Tummy, Nourish Your Wallet: Strategies for Eating Healthy on the Cheap


Appropriate Audiences Include: Young professionals; Newlyweds; Anyone looking to create a healthier lifestyle but worried that healthy necessarily means more expensive

Pillow Talk: Make Talking about Money Sexy in Your Marriage! (Special Date Night Version!)

Appropriate Audiences Include: Engaged Couples; Newlywed Couples

Setting My Standards: Seeking a True Financial Partner in Your Future Romance

Appropriate Audiences Include: Individuals or Groups of Friends who repeatedly end up with poor matches in romantic relationships, particularly when it comes to money

The Unique Financial Challenges of Same-Sex Marriage: A Panel

Appropriate Audiences Include: Those contemplating same-sex marriage or those who have entered into same-sex marriage in Massachusetts

Personal Social Responsibility: Making Peace in the World and in Your Wallet

Appropriate Audiences Include: Individuals, Couples and Groups who want to make a difference in the world, and who struggle to find a way to make peace with the fact that they want to reach personal financial success as well

Moving from "Survive" to "Thrive" - How to Change Your Habits and Mindset Now that Your Income has Improved

Appropriate Audiences Include: Individuals who may have grown up in or near poverty, who have managed to financially brake the cycle of poverty in their own adult life, but have "battle scars" which remain that create hurdles to real financial success.

Financial Strategies for the 99%: How to Live a Rich Life (for the Rest of Us!)

Appropriate Audiences Include: Those who wish to reach financial success, but are starting from a disadvantaged perspective; Those who would like to make a difference in their own lives by Occupying their Wallets

DIY for Your Bottom Line: Tips for Handmade Holiday Gifts to Add Value and Lower Costs

Appropriate Audiences Include: Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups of Friends or Craft Clubs who might be looking to save some money wherever possible; Those looking for creative solutions to save money

Extreme Goal Setting: Taking Self-Improvement to the Next Level!

Appropriate Audiences Include: Individuals, Couples, Family and Corporate Groups; Those who love a challenge


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