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Apply for the Lantern Financial Internship Program

To apply for our exciting internship program, conveniently located in Downtown Boston:

Please send a resume and a cover letter indicating your personal interests and passions to:

Lantern Financial Internship Program

Many thanks for your interest in the Lantern Financial Internship Program. The Program is competitive, and we have been honored to teach and inspire a number of passionate, enthusiastic students with a wide range of interests. With the broad selection of Lantern Internship Projects, if chosen for the Program, you are well positioned to gain immensely from this experience, personally and professionally.

We set the bar very high here at Lantern Financial, and we expect a lot from our interns. It is our deeply help belief that the more you expect of yourself, the more you stand to grow and gain from this experience. At the same time, we work hard to give you the best experience possible. As a Lantern Financial intern, you will be doing real-world, substantive work in a supportive, educational setting. You will gain experience in a fast-pace work environment, learn how a business grows while developing entrepreneurial abilities, work independently and with company executives to develop your skills and work toward your professional goals. You will be supported by dedicated mentors, have access to our extensive professional networks across Boston and nationwide, and gain knowledge of personal financial planning, both for the benefit of your career, and your personal financial success.

We are very excited to welcome you to this team, and we are looking forward to working with you. We encourage you to apply for the program, and wish you luck with the process!

Lantern Financial Internship Program Alumni


Internship Project: Event Planning, Research

Current Status: Student at Simmons College, Boston, MA


Internship Project: Efficiency Analysis and Website Design

Current Status: Student, Simmons College, Boston, MA

Internship Project: Business Optimization

Current Status:


Internship Project: Event Planning

Current Status: Student, Simmons College, Boston, MA

Internship Project: Publishing Research and Support

Current Status:


Internship Project: Event Planning and Business Development

Current Status: Administrative Assistant - Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, Boston, MA

Internship Project: Business Development and Event Planning

Current Status: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney - New Hampshire


Internship Project: Search Engine Optimization

Current Status: Data Projects Support Assistant at Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, MA

Internship Project: Project Development and Management

Current Status: Operations Associate, Daintree Advisors, Boston, MA


Internship Project: Public and Media Relations

Current Status: Equity Analyst at Panin Sekuritas, Jakarta, Indonesia

Internship Project: Investment Research

Current Status: Investment Analyst, NEPC - Cambridge, MA


Internship Project: Marketing and Business Development

Current Status: Pursuing Certificate in Quantitative Finance, Chicago, IL


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